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June 2017       My Lovables at the sculpture garden of Jedlitschka Gallery Zürich

May 2017        art3F Lausanne with Galerie Laforet Verbier
AAF Hong Kong with Galerie Koo Hong Kong

March 2017    “The Pinks of Gold” Solo Exhibition with film and book, Kunsthaus Rapp Wil

2016/17           “Green Forest”, Transformal concept for Berit Paracelsus Clinic Speicher

2016                “Antedel 4” Sotheby’s auction record, Room to Read Gala Dolder Grand Zürich
“Bears” Concept for Buddy Bear Help and Unicef with Charity Gala in Berlin
“Behind the Waterfalls” at Swiss Embassy in Brasilia

2015/16/17      “Escapes and Lovables” for Adullam Geriatric Hospital Riehen/Basel

2015                Starting to work with various partner ins in Hong Kong
Ben Sigg, Barrie Goodridge, Cecilia Koo)
Participation at Art Jakarta with Galerie Koo
“Starbloom” Wallinstalltion for Soplar SA Altstätten

2013/2014       Tragic break from work, after severe accident, slow start of new perspectives

2013                “Make a Wish III” my contribution for the new sports center in Verbier
“Monkey Dog and Poetic Elements” Geriatric Center Marienfried Uzwil

2012                  “Behind the Waterfalls” – International Anniversary Catalogue for Tagheuer of Switzerland
“Treasure Island” for Greiner Packaging Ireland

2011 to 2013    “Begegnung” Installation at Roundabout by Wittenbach/St.Gallen Station
according to transformal concept with art for the communities administration center
(paintings, transformations and installations)

since 2010      work at third atelier, for sculpting only, at Scheidwegstrasse in St. Gallen

2010                “Homeland, my Precious”, transformal concept for Mobiliar Insurance Rhein Valley

2009               “Transformation VI” – Object with digital intervention for St.Gallen University
“The Top 500 Internet Addresses”, New York Arts Magazine

2009 to 2011   “Treasure Island” art on and in a building for Greiner Packaging’s new
Administration Centre in Switzerland

2008               “My Lovables” – Oisterwijk Sculptuur, international open air exhibition in the Netherlands

2007                “Kiss Fish I and II, Wish Fish II “ sculptures installed by waters in the Netherlands
“Wish FishI”, public purchase of sculpture by the community of Timmendorfer Strand, East Sea, Germany
“Wärme und Geborgenheit” for Maternity Hospital Wil

2006               “Big Bubble Fish” first sculpture in polyurethane and fibreglass at Lake Lucerne
“Big Meadow” Monumental painting for Psychiatric Clinic Wil
“Summer Meadows” for Enya and Aigle Studios in Killiney near Dublin Ireland
“Make a Wish II” at Paléxpo in Geneva
2005                       “Geborgenheit” Altstätten Hospital
“Make a Wish I “ Installation for Congress Centre Martigny
Paricipation at “Exponet Vienna” by invitation of British Embassy in Vienna

2004               “Submarine Bullroom I” Mainbuilding of Hypoinvestement Bank Liechtenstein

2003                 “The Dominos” – Lipoclinic Swiss Zürich and St.Gallen
“Wachsen und Werden” Mainbuildung of Raifeissenbank Switzerland

2002                Lainz Hospital Vienna with Art Society Burgenland, Austria
“Nightbird” Installation and Paintings with general concept for Tagblatt Media’s new print center

2001                Working as an artist becomes central in her life (no more teaching)
extention of her own atelier, to enable more project work
“Moments of Joy”, general concept for art in a building for Hotel Zofingen
“Buntmenschen” Lionsclub Werdenberg and Chorea Huntington Society
“Bunthalme” Steigenberger Hotels and Art Society of Burgenland, Austria

2000               Trip to Ghana
Creation of “Buntmenschen”
“Licht und Leuchten” art in a building, geriatric centre Notkerianum St.Gallen

1999                First general concept for art in a building, Migrosbank Mainbuilding St.Gallen

1998                “Night Dream”,  a Wallpainting on roof terrace in St.Gallen

1997                Trip to New York
Opening of her own Atelier N1 at Fellenbergstrasse St. Gallen
“Bunthalme”, her first installations for outdoors

1996                “Swiss Personalities of Tomorrow: Sabeth Holland” –
Portrait of an Artist in the Blick (Strongest Swiss Newspaper)

Since 1995      Exhibitions and participations in Europe and Overseas,
these days also in a digital mode
works in art collections on all continents

1991                 First exhibition at Galerie vor der Klostermauer in St.Gallen

1989                Birth of her middle daughter and extended art studies and works out of a feeling
of complete and utter happiness
until 1989       Various Diplomas (English Language) Universities of Cambridge and Oxford
Continued work as teacher at KV, HKG and HWV St.Gallen

until 1986       Worked as a teacher in Abtwil and St. Gallen

1980                Bachelor of Arts, Kantonsschule Heerbrugg, Switzerland

1959                born in Altstätten, grew up in household of artists in Widnau, both places are in the Rhine Valley in Switzerland
first art projects when she was a teenager, in Switzerland and Ireland

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